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Professional Real Estate Photography Halifax NS

March 12, 2018

If you are a realtor and are looking for a professional real estate photographer in Halifax NS, then you are in luck!

Jason Dorey Photography specializes in real estate photography that will make your properties pop. If you are looking to put together a "Lifestyle Video" (virtual tour) of a piece of property in the Halifax or Dartmouth areas of Nova Scotia, setup an appointment with Jason to check out his portfolio of real estate photos.

His high resolution photos would be perfect to showcase an property in the HRM area, either on a lake, a remote location in rural Nova Scotia, or in downtown Halifax.

Real Estate Photography of Jade Condominiums, Common RoomsJade Condominiums - Common Rooms

Showcasing Your Property Via an Online Photo Gallery

Once the photography has been completed you can then look through the catalogue of real estate photos to see which ones you would like to use to showcase your property. Your ability to sell the property is only enhanced through the use of professional real estate photos via an online showing of the property photos, usually called an online real estate gallery.

The next best thing to viewing the property in person is to look at beautiful hi-res shots of the inside / outside of the house, the backyard, as well as the entire property online! Once the real estate photos are chosen to market the property, they can then be used to create an online gallery of that particular property in question. This is a lot easier for most people to check out the property on the web before heading over for a closer inspection.

Jason Dorey Real Estate Photography in Halifax is no doubt the best real estate photography in the Halifax area. Jason works with local real estate companies to enable potential home buyers to view lifestyle videos of the property before they buy. Once the photo session has been completed, Jason will hand over the high-quality real estate photos so you can show them to any potential home buyers in the area who are interested in the property.

Some Real Estate Companies like to create online galleries to show to the public that may include any of the following:

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Real Estate Slideshows
  • Real Estate Virtual Tours (lifestyle videos)
  • Real Estate Video Tours
  • Commercial Lifestyle Videos (virtual commercial videos)
  • Real Estate Brochures

While Jason does the professional photography and videos here in Nova Scotia, it's really up to the real estate companies he works with to share the online galleries or videos for public viewing. For a full list of his Jason Dorey's photography services and pricing he can be contacted at anytime for a quote!

Choose The Best Real Estate Photographer in Halifax

Don't ever leave your real estate photography to amateurs. The temptation is always there to do it yourself to save time or money, but you end up regretting that decision if your shots are not of great quality. Always choose nothing but the best real estate photographer in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, or wherever the property is for sale.

You need high-quality, professional work, nothing less! Remember you are showcasing upscale houses, condos, and rental units that often times attract thousands of views for real estate companies. No on wants to see a blurry low scale shot of someone's living room or dining room. That's not what sells the property.

Anything less than the best photographer in Halifax and you are sure to ruin your reputation. Photography for real estate marketing includes first getting the best quality real estate shots that you can from a professional photographer.

Don't second guess yourself, only work with the the best in the business, and your reputation will remain intact, and as a real estate agent, your business will be a success!