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Professional Portrait Photographer in Halifax NS

May 07, 2018

For Those Looking for a Portrait Photographer in Halifax NS, one of the Most Professional by far is Jason Dorey Photography!

Jason is well known across Canada as an engaging photographer both in Halifax and Toronto. His imagination behind-the-lens helps put his clients at ease whether it's for family photo or wedding photo package.

This time of year families will want to book a portrait photographer mostly because of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations and Proms. The goal behind family portrait photography is to provide you and your family with a beautiful feeling of being connected to that moment, even years later as everyone grows older. It's a very nostalgic feeling, one that adds warmth to your home.

A Great Time For a Family Photography Session - Mother's Day / Father's Day

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is very popular in Halifax mostly because families are constantly looking for a way to stay together as the kids grow older. The portraits are essentially keepsakes that will remind you of the important things in life - relationships, smiles, hugs, and other family events like birthdays, graduations, and wedding celebrations.

A photo shoot success starts with hiring the right portrait photographer in Halifax who is easy to work with, one that has a portfolio to show potential clients and is experienced in modern family photography methods.

Family photographic sessions for Mother's Day or Father's Day for instance can take place on any location of your choosing in Halifax. It can be a special spot where your family hangs out like a cottage or local public park like the Halifax Gardens.

Family Photography

Family photography is really all about having fun and seeing those smiles. A lot of people go to a photography studio to get their portraits taken, that it totally fine, but it's not necessary. You can choose your backyard, an old antique car, or even at the beach for your family portrait.

Most families will no doubt have different visions for their photography sessions, some preferring natural poses to say more playful and candid shots. You will want to work with a photographer who listens your requests, one who respects your decisions and helps figure out what is best for you.

Whether your family photography session includes throwing the frisbee around in the backyard or dad playing the guitar on a family camping trip, Jason Dorey Photography will want to capture that moment, and work with you to create precious family memories.  The focus here is to capture you and your family enjoying moments with each other, not thinking about the camera, but just being yourselves - the photos will be natural, funny, and memorable!

Once the photography session is over, you can contact Jason Dorey in person to talk about the various package options available - keepsake albums, prints, or wall art from his a-la-cart menu.


Jason Dorey Portrait Photography has worked with local families in Halifax for years and is more than willing to listen to your suggestions - Contact Jason Today For a Portrait Photography Quote - 902.220.8200